We Can Help You

Helping your clients

  • —Capture more leads and more business
  • —Identify and convey what makes you different & better than your competition
  • —Position you as more than a commodity in the printing price wars
  • —Elevate your trusted-partner status with your clients for their marketing & communications activities
  • —White Label our services for your clients!!

Branding & Positioning

  • —Distinguish your brand and Promise your users unique experiences and advantages
  • —Convey expectations and deliver beyond
  • —Externalize your branding messages – what they care about not what you care about
  • —Deliberately portray brand consistently in all communications
  • —Visual images and key messages reinforce brand

Marketing Plans

  • —Invest in a 12-month Marketing Plan for ongoing strategic communications
  • —Enumerate monthly activities, ads, publicity, internal/external messages, budget and responsibilities
  • —Allow flexibility for change thru the year in $ and actions
  • —Measure results and manage plans accordingly

Social Media Marketing

  • —Increase visibility and gain more leads and sales using multiple social media channels
  • —Develop social media marketing plans
  • —Create content that appeals to your target market
  • —Gain following and audience
  • —Measure results and take action
  • Online Community Development

Telemarketing & List Management

  • —We will attract your target prospects into your sales process.
  • —Our team is trained in your business, products, competition, customers and qualifies prospects using exact qualification criteria as your sales team uses.
  • —A live, trained professional helps your organization attain maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in higher quality of service.

Packaged Services

  • —Branding & Positioning
  • —Marketing Plans
  • —Social Media Marketing Plans
  • —Social Media Account Management (posting, building targeted following, metrics)
  • —Content Development (Articles, videos, campaigns, promotions)
  • —Telemarketing
  • —White-Label the services above for your Clients

Contact us at: 630-351-1981

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